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Square side zip check shirt

Square side zip check shirt
Square side zip check shirt

Square silhouette side zip
Use riri zip

スクウェアシルエット サイドジップ
riri zip 使用


length 27.9"
broad 25.5"
shoulders 22"
sleeve length 23.6"

(Everything will be the horizontal position size.)

It's being transcribed by the actual size.
Please change cm into an inch.
You can't return the goods and exchange it.
Please check it tightly

It's used clothing.
The transcription size and the actual size size are sometimes different.
Please check it tightly.

At the time of check -out , people who live abroad , please select the bank .
A payment email of the paypal is sent later.

The foreign countries, charge for delivery $20 + customs duties.





に関しましては、一切の責任を負いかねます ので、お客様の管理の下での使用、着用をお願い致します。

■ Attention ■
- Our products will be all one point thing .

And products that have been handled by our shop is only remake goods , but please keep in mind that it does not have the existing products .

For all , our products are used goods , returned goods , refund
Please acknowledge I am afraid that I can not accept .

· Your PC, because there are differences in the color of the goods caused by the smartphone environment Please acknowledge .

- Our products receive after the accident , damage after wear
Regard , so you can not assume all the responsibilities , use of under your management , thank you to wear .

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